ANFEX is ANtonio FElaco (X…?), who was born and is based in Italy with genuine ingredients like “Pizza, Spaghetti, Sole, Mare e Mandolino” taste!
He is a young talented designer who make Illustrations, Prints,  Animations, Clothings, Toys and everything that comes to the design world.

I approached the design’s world as something to make in the freetime, studying and experiencing with typography, adding the more spontaneuous-nowadays-young-style.
Basicly i have ever loved the idiots-cartoon’s characters and the funny things and i am a happy person and i like to get some inspiration from People, Food and Nature.
The results of this last sentence is the result of my designs! (1+1=3!)
So, it’s here! I hope that you will like my creations.

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, criticisms, or you just want to say “Hello” to me, then send me an email and i will response you back asap (funny things back guarantee!).
You will be welcome, and I will answer you asap.

Have a nice day.
Hope to see u here soon,