Mickey Girl (full view)

Title: Mickey Girl
Description: 35cm x 50cm. Watercolors and inks on canvas.

Mickey Girl (zoom)

Mickey Girl (eye zoom)

Mickey Girl (lips zoom)

Mickey Girl (left decoration)

Mickey Girl (right decoration)

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21 Responses to “Mickey Girl”

  1. Olya Says:

    Your site is pretty amazing. I really like the layout and the art you have both here and on your DA.

  2. Mijn Schatje Says:

    great work! I will try & follow your work to see what you’re doing
    good luck :)

  3. Mickey Girl by Anfex | Design You Trust. World's Most Famous Social Inspiration. Says:

    [...] One of the canvas for a personal Anfex’s project. Watercolors and inks on a 35×50 cm canvas. Check more here » Watch it! [...]

  4. Downpoured Says:

    You have an interesting style ^^

  5. shade1012 Says:

    I like your watercolor style. I wish I could think in color

  6. araverta Says:

    wonderful! so light and interesting (:

  7. little julka Says:

    wow your art is amazing
    i like best the drawing above
    the style is so refreshing
    the soft colors are just beautifull

    kisses julka

  8. Jemma/Kai-is-mine Says:

    Lovely website, i love this picutre. I like the swirly pencil marks over it espically on the face

  9. Sarah Ashley Says:

    I wish I could draw like that. Cute layout. =)

  10. Chaos-Of-Fubuki Says:

    ths is a really cute idea - the mickey girl.
    Curageous to show allthese details ^^ I am not so used to sketch on canvas first, but it certainly is a good idea…

  11. Denise Says:

    Beautiful work, I think it’s quite unique, and I love the colors used, subtle and soft, with a very expressive face!

  12. amosa Says:

    nice! this pice reminds me of lichtenstein and murakami very pop art.

    the close ups look better than the piece as a whole though, because the empty white space around the drawing kills it, ya know? anyway, it’s still a really nice piece.

  13. Mar1lyn84 Says:

    Cool work, the colors are great! The girl is really fine :)

  14. ClouldsFloatOn Says:

    Wow. I really love the design and detail on the left eye.

  15. phonet Says:

    I love the use of watercolors!

  16. iisjah Says:

    Love this one - it has those surreal qualities that I love in a drawing - esspecially those swirlies x) Could have a little more saturayed colours for my taste though - I think they would add to the feel of the drawing :3

  17. capturing-the-moment Says:

    awesome work. i love how you show your work on here.

  18. Rhukhali Says:

    Very interesting, I like symetry of this picture.

  19. Joanna (joflyx DA) Says:

    This is a great piece!

  20. Izzmarit Says:

    Both here and in DA you have some cool stuff!

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