Title: Carnival
Description: 50cm x 70cm. Ink, watercolor and acrylic paint on canvas.




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32 Responses to “Carnival”

  1. Jonas Says:

    Waw that is awesome!!

    great job anfex, i love everything! those little triangles on the background really finish it too!

  2. Valentina Says:

    È bellissima!

  3. Light Says:

    I like this art very much. Good choice of colors. It fits the carnival theme perfectly.

  4. Eduardo Souza Says:

    Amazing work! I can’t believe it’s acrylic!
    The eyes looks so nice =D

  5. rock-errr Says:

    These works r just mindblowing!!

  6. Marissa Says:

    That is amazing, the colors are classic carnival colors.
    The details in this picture is very noticable, great job!

  7. Hoshi-Taka Says:

    I absolutely love the eye. The colors are amazing as well. It really is quite amazing. ;)

  8. noyasaraf Says:

    great designes!
    keep up the good job :]

  9. 11 73 3 33 Says:

    Nice! It’s colourful and original :)

  10. nujabes Says:

    Great work! i really like it! =)

  11. woro Says:

    wooo coool

  12. matchieck Says:

    living colors and peculiar design are great composition together! very nice work ;) i like it

  13. Depth Says:

    This is crazy cool man!
    great work!

  14. ancientpow3r Says:

    Very nice! Good choice of colors if you may. :)

  15. Anticlastic-J Says:

    Amazing! ;)

  16. FerdinandLaetus Says:

    Great colours !

  17. schnurrimaunz Says:

    I like the eye so much <3

  18. Pabz Says:

    Nice piece here. How big is the canvas>?

  19. the-gimli-maggot Says:

    thats so great, the shapes are verry great and I like the colors verry much.
    What did you use?!

  20. MagnusLabel Says:

    Nice face. Are some lines drawn with pencils?

  21. Ferreson Says:

    The eye is fabulous. I really love this image.

  22. Little-dreamer Says:

    It’s nice to see the details up close too.
    This is a nice piece of art. :]

  23. Amateurphotograper Says:

    Very nice and intersting piece. I like those surreal pieces : ] Very beautiful colour play, as well !

  24. dreamlightsinc Says:

    Truly astonishing, I love these kinds of styles. Very out of the norm and unique. Keep it up! ;)

  25. tony566 Says:

    Astonishing. Simply astonishing. :D

  26. Phillll Says:

    very nicely done, very nice lines and colour, and stands up to high zoom :D very good :p

    about how long did this take you?

  27. Yo5uN Says:

    nice style there!

  28. linkfreak131 Says:

    Wow. I love the mixed mediums you put into your works! That can be quite a challenge, but you pull it off rather nicely. =)

  29. Sinbatollica Says:

    Loving the fluidity of the patterns … Cool work !!

  30. sohmma Says:

    this is really cool! the colors and the concept :)

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